Being part of the family

Léonie is the love of a grandmother from Aveyron whose memory we want to honor. Here, it is a simple, committed and family cuisine, served like at home.
Our priority is to transmit the good sense of Grandma's cooking and the values of the Aveyronnais territory : quality, authenticity, simplicity and generosity. Whether it’s in the products, in the recipes or in the state of mind!

If you are a fan of fresh, seasonal products, in local sourcing and prefer local producers, we speak the same language.
Because we also care about preserving our environment, our health and the family spirit.

In short : Léonie intends, with her addresse, to transmit to the new generation the pleasure of sitting down to eat, to rediscover the taste of good food. It is the happiness of home-made food that warms the body and the heart...

For the moment Léonie doesn't need extra pairs of arms, but she'll let you know here if she changes her mind!


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