Our philosophy

Who is Léonie?
What is the local sourcing?
What is an aveyronnaise cooking?

Our services

Where to find the restaurant Léonie?
What are the opening hours?
Can we book a table?
What do you offer to loyal customers?
Do you do take-out?
Do you make meals on delivery?
Is there disabled access?
Do you have a terrace?
Do you have a carpark?
Do you accept animals?
Does your restaurant Léonie have WI-FI access?
What payment methods are accepted?
I want to make a reservation for a group. Is it possible?
Do you speak English?

Your plate

What types of dishes can be found on the menu at Léonie's?
What is the origin of your meat?
Do you have any vegetarian dishes?
Where can I find your list of allergens?
Do you offer formulas?

Our jobs

How to apply for a job at Léonie's?
And if I'm not from Aveyron, can I work for you?